Support our Book Donation

This holiday season, the Wisconsin Executive Residence is collecting books to donate to local domestic abuse shelters.

We have a beautiful, empty wooden book tree just waiting to be filled with books and we need your help. If you are interested in helping us fill our book tree, please follow the donation guidelines listed below.

  • New hardcover and/or softcover books for adults and children will be gratefully accepted.
  • Books featuring diverse characters and printed in English, Spanish, Hmong, or bilingual text are appreciated.
  • Books with harmful text or illustrations will not be accepted.
  • Books should be mailed to Wisconsin Executive Residence, 99 Cambridge Road, Madison, WI 53704. These books will be donated to local shelters serving both adults and children.
  • By donating a book this holiday season, you are making a difference in someone’s life.

Thank you for supporting our efforts.

If you have questions, please call (608) 246-5516 or email