The History of the Wisconsin Executive Residence Foundation

Wisconsin Executive Residence Foundation (WERF) is a nonprofit fundraising organization dedicated to preserving the history and beauty of the State-owned Residence of the Governor of the State of Wisconsin. The Foundation was established in 1966 by First Lady Dorothy Knowles with a mission to aid the public purposes of the State of Wisconsin through receipt of contributions of funds and/or property for use in the renovation, remodeling, and maintenance of the state-owned residence of the Governor of the State of Wisconsin. Through it’s fundraising efforts, WERF has accomplished numerous renovation, remodeling and maintenance projects including refurbishing the gazebo, repairing stucco on the exterior chimney, converting fireplaces to gas, updating the family living quarters and dignitary suite, refurbishing the sunroom including redoing the floor, refinishing the foyer stairs, and conducting a remodel of the Executive Residence kitchen which had not been updated in more than 25 years. This year, the formal dining room will receive a complete makeover with the help of our generous sponsors.

Wisconsin Executive Residence Foundation Board Members 2018-2019

Betty Arndt

Kate Easton

Kathleen Helland

Vicki Krotts

Kathy Kuhn-Dirske

Jordan Lamb

Ed Lump

Cathy Priem

Janet Riordan

Cindy Torstveit

Charlene Malug, Secretary/Treasurer

Jennifer Mazza, Site Management